Angular 14 and 15 Features

Angular 14
Angular 14 Features

­čîčAngular 14 prerequisites.

1. Standalone components, directives, and pipes
✅ Typescript 4.7. 2. Typed Angular forms
✅ Node version 14.15.0 or later. 3.Streamlined page title accessibility.
4.Extended developer diagnostics
5. Deliver errors to the subscribers. .
6.More built-in improvements
7.Optional injectors in embedded Views
7. Bind to protected component members.

Angular 15 Features


Standalone components are stable
NgOptimizedImage directive is stable.
Directives can be added to host elements
Stack traces are more helpful.
MDC-based components are stable
Dependency Injection
6.Functional Route Guards
In v15, the title property is required on ActivatedRouteSnapshot.PR
In v15, setDisabledState is always called when a ControlValueAccessor is attached.You can opt out of this behavior with FormsModule.withConfig or ReactiveFormsModule.withConfig. PR
The canParse method has been removed from all translation parsers in @angular/localize/tools.PR
RouterOutlet instantiates the component after change detection Before v15, during navigation, RouterOutlet instantiated the component being activated immediately. PR
Deprication List:


✅ Angular v15 supports node.js versions: 14.20.x, 16.13.x and 18.10.x.

✅ Angular v15 supports TypeScript version 4.8 or later.

✅ Angular v15, TypeScript versions 4.8.2 up to,but not including 5.0.0, are supported, with no support for versions older than 4.8.2.